Double-component Structural Silicone Sealant

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US $1-1,000 / Barrel | 10 Barrel/Barrels 10 components (Min. Order)
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1000 Barrel/Barrels per Month 300MT/MONTH
Shunde, Shenzhen, Guangzhou
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Structural silicone sealant
Methy1 RTV107
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Double Components Adhesives
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Packaging Details
Big Packing: Part A: 240kgs, Part B: 20kgs, packed by drum/barrel.
Small Packing: Part A: 24kgs, Part B: 2kgs, packed by drum/barrel.
Delivery Time
within 15 days after order within three 20ft con


The product is a double-component neutral cure structural silicone sealant used for glass curtain-wall glazing and other glazing

Use For:

1. Glass Curtain-wall glazing.

2. Insulating-glass glazing.

2. Aluminium Composited sheets glazing.

3. Other construction material glazing.


Good Cohesion For:











Strong cohesion for most of building materials.

Resisting high and low temperature.



Keeping sealant characters stable in long time.



Big Packing: Part A: 240kgs,  Part B: 20kgs, packed by drum.

Small Packing: Part A: 24kgs,  Part B: 2kgs, packed by drum.


Order deliver time: within 15 days after order in the quantity within three 20ft containers.


MOQ: 5 parts (big packing); 10 parts (small packing).

2. Product Features: 

1).MIFENG 9002 Structural silicone sealant is a double-component, neutral room temperature cure as constitutive property silicone sealant. After sealant curing, it can form an elastomer resisting to cold, heat and corrosive.

2).The product has excellent weatherproof ability in resisting to ozone, ultraviolet ray with a long service life.

3).Excellent adhesion to the surfaces of glass, aluminum alloy, steel and stone etc.

4). Be good compatible with silicone series Structural Sealant, Weatherproof Sealant and Neutral Cure Sealant.

5). The product has two components, Part A is white and Part B is black. They should be used with the implement of double-component silicone applier, and mixed with the percentage of 10:1 in volume, or 12:1 in weight for Part A to Part B.

3. Main Use:

1). Primarily used for sealing joints of the constitutive or no-constitutive property glass and metal glazing curtain-walls and insulating-glass.

2). Used for sealing the connecting surfaces between glass and metal assembly to meet the design requirements for full-hidden or half-hidden curtain-wall framework installation.

3). Used for insulating glass as constitutive bonding and sealing

4. Application:

1).  Before using the MIFENG 9002, it is necessary to take a test of compatibility and no-constitutive bonding assembly for the contacted materials. It should begin to use after confirming up to grade of compatibility.

2).  Recommending using the foaming polyethylene as back-up materials. It also can use the polyethylene tape in shallow joint.

3).  During application, the depth of silicone sealant can not be lower than 6mm and higher than 12mm. Meanwhile, the width of silicone sealant should not be lower than its depth. It is a suitable percentage of 2:1 for width to depth.

4).   During application, the building material surface touching with silicone sealant should not have water, dust, oil. If there are these impurities on building material, it should clean them with the solvent or lipid detergent, and keep dry.

5).  For insuring the appearance of silicone sealant find and good look, it can cove the surface closing joints with tape during application, but the tape can not touch the surface where will be used with sealant. The tape should be taken away after finish in application.

5. Application Limits:

MIFENG 9002 cannot be applied to following situation:

1).   Materials that can penetrate oil, plasticizer or solvent. These materials include oil-soaked wood, oil based steel board slot, certain un-sulfurized or partly sulfurized rubber pad, and adhesive tape etc.

2).  Sealed location. (Silicone needs moisture in the air forsolidification).

3).   Material surface that is higher than 50°C or lower than 5°C.

4).   Underground that is damp all through the years.

5).  Surface that directly exposes to food. Relevant tests are not carried out to verify whether this silicone sealant is conformed to standards of Food & Drug Administration of China.

6. Structural Joint Design:

The silicone structural joint design should be done by professional designer under general designing guidelines of construction industry. Designing guidelines for basic silicone structural joint include the followings.

1).  The width for structural sealant cannot be barrower than 6mm.

2).  The depth for structural sealant cannot be lesser than 6mm.

3).  The width for structural sealant must be equal to or bigger than the depth for structural sealant.

4).  Formula for calculating the width of structural sealant.

5).  The joint of structural sealant must be able to be filled by normal operation method.

6).  The joint of structural sealant cannot move during solidification period.

7).  The structural sealant must be exposed to air for better solidification.


7. Storage Period:

The shelf time is 9 months storing in 27 Celsius degree and lower temperature dry place.



8. Test Data:

Main Qualification  

Test Result

Test Methods

Drooping degree








Usable Life



Skin dry time

(RH 50%, 25°C)




30-55 HAS


Tensile Strength

(Under standard conditions)



Heat weightlessness



Displacement capability




Note: The data just is for reference, but not recommended for making regulations.