Chloroprene Contact Adhesive

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Other Names:
contact adhesive
Polychloroprene Novolac Adhesive
Place of Origin:
Volatile Solvent Adhesives
Main Raw Material:
Construction, Fiber & Garment, Footwear & Leather, Packing, Woodworking
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high quality strong cohesion
10000 Carton/Cartons per Month
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15L, 6L
Lead Time :
Within 30 days no more than 4000 cartons after order


It is the Chloroprone contact adhesive. The product has strong conglutinating capability on many materials, such as fiber board,

1. Brief Direction

This product is a kind of multi-purpose adhesive. It is suitable for Aluminum Composed Sheets, Anti-firing Plate, Plywood, Floor Board, Fiberboard, Furniture, EVA, PVC, TPR, Latex, Cloth, leather and Paper etc. It has high adhesion for above materials, it also can sit for Shoemaking and Bag-making. It especially suit for more-hole materials such as Forth EVA, PVC and some surface coarse material’s stickiness.

3. Caution:

1)      Heating:

Chloroprene High Quality Adhesive belongs to the cold adhesive, which you do not need heating to raise productivity. The suitable sticking temperature is 25±5C, the humidity is 55-75%. But in winter, when the temperature is lower than 5C, it is possible having the appearance of condensation. And it can restore by heating. The suitable temperature for heating is between 10Cto 20°C. The workable heating way is soak with hot water temperature between 30°C to 50C for 15-25 minutes.

2)      Spread

After Spread, they should avoid bluster or wet place. Otherwise, it will happen surface solidify. It should be even when spread.

3)      Stickiness

Choose the best time for stickiness, once stickiness; avoid undrawing then sticking again. Apply pressure operation should complete in keep stickiness time. It not, it will effect to lose stickiness. It is good for joint when apply pressure in the condition of material do not change shape. The time should keep in 5 seconds. In generally, the thin adhesive layer is better than thick for smaller defect and shrink. The suitable sub thickness is 0.08-0.15mm, which the adhesive weight is 200g/m2-300//m2.

In despite of establishing adherent strength speed is quick for this Contact Adhesive, the most strengthen curing time should be after 3-5 days. So the use time of material should be after 3-5 days.

4)      Gelatinize:

It’s usually gelatinized one time. For many hole materials, it needs to gelatinize 2-3 times, and make sure to gelatinize the second time after the solvent volatilization completely.

Avoiding it leaves the air hole on adhesive layer, it must keep a direction to move the brush, and should be quick in gelatinizing, which it is better to eject air and improve the sticking quality.

5)      Airing:

It must be airing after gelatinizing for making sure the solvent volatilizing out, to increase the conglutinate and to advance solidification. The suitable drying time is 5-15 minutes in summer and 20-25 minutes in winter. When the adhesive surface has membrane (The finger cannot be stickled by adhesive surface), it should combine immediately. And the too long drying time would affect the strength of conglutinate.

It may have “frost” on adhesive surface after gelatinizing in humid weather, it should combine the material when the “frost” disappear automatically.  

6)      Deal with the surface:

Make sure to deal with the surface right, such as remove oil, remove rust, remove moisture and burnish, remove the dust on the surface, move oil and dust can use the number 120 gas toluene or Ethyl acetate and so on, to wash up, and then dry it. For burnishing, it can use Number 0 or 1 sand paper to burnish lightly.

7)      Store

Chloroprene High Quality Adhesive contain a lot of organically impregnate, it should avoid fire and direct sun irradiation. Using a small case store adhesive. The large case should be airproofed in cool and dry place. Make sure heat preservation use in winter.

8)      Dilution

The product’s thinner is Toluene, 120 petrol, Acetone. For guarantee the using effect, please contact our technology department. Used brush should be cleaned by above imp regnant for keeping pliancy, avoid clean by water.


4. Apply Technical Guide Line

VISCOSITY:               1800--2500 mpa.s/25 C

SOLID CONTENT:                 > 23.0%

STICK KEEPING TIME:        5 hours


WORKING TECHNIC:              Hand besmear or machine roll besmear

Cutting aluminum intension:    > 1.0 Mpa   (About 1 hour)

                           >1.2 Mpa   (After 7 days)






5. The Harmful Matter Test Data:


Test Item


Standard Request

Test Result



Free Formaldehyde




Up to standard






Up to standard



& Dimethylbenzene




Up to standard


Volatile Organic Chemicals




Up to standard

(No weighty metal such as lead, quicksilver, etc.)