MIFENG 882 Double Component Insulating Glass Silicone Sealant

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10000 Barrel/Barrels per Month
Shunde, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
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China (Mainland)
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High quality
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Big Packing (189L): Part A: 240kgs, Part B: 20kgs, packed by drum.
Small Packing (18.9L): Part A: 24kgs, Part B: 2kgs, packed by drum.
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within 30 working days.


The product is double-component with high modulus and high strength mainly used for insulating-glass as second sealant.

1. Product Features: 

1).MIFENG 882# Double-component Insuitable-glass Silicone Sealantis a double-component, neutral room temperature cure. The product is mainly used for insulating-glass as second sealant.


2) The product has the properties of high modulus and high strength for suitable the request of insulating-glass installation.


3).The product also has excellent weatherproof ability in resisting to ozone, ultraviolet ray with a long service life, and low air permeablity.


3). Neutral cure sealant, no corrosion to metal, coating glass, concrete, mable and granite etc building materials.


4). Good property resisting to the low and high temperature after sealant cure. It still can keep the good property and no becoming brittle, hard or cracking down to -40 degree temperature, and no becoming soft or degradation up to 150 degree temperature.


5). Be good compatible with silicone series Structural Sealant, Weatherproof Sealant and Neutral Cure Sealant.


6). The product has two components, Part A is white and Part B is black, and the sealant will be as black after mixing Part A and Part B. They should be used with the implement of double-component silicone applier, and mixed with the percentage of 10:1 in volume, or 12:1 in weight for Part A to Part B.


2. Main Use:

Primarily used for insulating-glass as second sealant.


3. Application Limits:

MIFENG 882 cannot be applied to following situation:

1). As structural sealant purpose.

2).   Materials which would penetrate oil, plasticizer or solvent. These materials include oil-soaked wood, oil based steel board slot, certain un-sulfurized or partly sulfurized rubber pad, and adhesive tape etc.

3).  The surface of moisture or frosting.

4).   Material surface that is higher than 50°C or lower than 5°C.

5).   Underground that is damp all through the years.

6).  Surface that directly exposes to food. Relevant tests are not carried out to verify whether this silicone sealant is conformed to standards of Food & Drug Administration of China.


4. Packing:

Big Packing: Part A: 240kgs,  Part B: 20kgs, packed by drum.

Small Packing: Part A: 24kgs,  Part B: 2kgs, packed by drum.


5. Storage Period:

The shelf time is 9 months storing in 27 Celsius degree and lower temperature dry place.


 6. Test Data:

Mixed with the percentage of 10:1 in volume, or 12:1 in weight for Part A to Part B.

Application time: 20-30 minutes (25 degree temperature, 50%RH)

Skinning time: 80-100 ninutes (25 degree temperature, 50%RH)

Corrosion: no


The test data after 7 days sealant cured under 25 degree temperature and 50% RH.:


Main Qualification  

Test Result

Test Methods


48 HAS

GB/T 531

Tensile Strength

(Under standard conditions)


GB/T 13477

Elongation (before breaking)


GB/T 13477

Sealant grade


JC/T 486

Resisting temperature

-40 to +150 degree


Note: The data just is for reference, but not recommended for making regulations.


7.Clean process

All the material should be cleaned out, remove all oil, dust, dirt, moisture, sealant remainder, installation compound, protective painting, contamination or sunk part, etc.

Use two clothes and solvent to clean metal, glass or plastic material. In all cases, solvent must be wiped out using white cloth that is clean and unshed and cannot be treated using detergent or soap plus water method.

Usually primer is not required when using Max-seal 9000 Silicone Sealant, but the primer should be used if it were pointed out to be required after testing.


8. Notes:

It is necessary to take the compatibility for all of contact materials with silicone sealant including basic and auxiliary materials before application. Only the test result up to grade, the construction can be made.

The curtain-wall unit can’t be moved within 14 days after the sealant has cured totally. The Structural Silicone Sealant can’t be applied on the scene, except whole glass curtain-wall construction.

Every engineering drawing should be checked insuring the design application and installation process up to relative engineering standard.

The User should strictly observe the construction in application, which can refer to our product application direction.

If have any questions during application, please contact with our company in time.

The product should keep out of reach of children. Avoiding uncured silicone sealant to touch eyes. If the uncured silicone sealant into eyes, it can be clean out by clear water or going to hospital.

The color, production date and batch code are noted on the cartridge body of blank space.


9. Transportation:

The product is not for flammable and explosive materials, which can be delivered according to general cargo. But it is necessary to keep the sun proof, rain proof and extrusion proof in transportation


Applicable standard: Tests proved that Max-seal 9000 Structural Silicone Sealant is conformed to or exceeds GB 16776-2005.


We believe the statements, technical information and recommendations contained herein are reliable, but they are given without warranty or guarantee of any kind.